About Us

This website is created and maintained by @hwckhs, a member of the HWZ forum.

Even though MAS provides a website for SSB, certain information is not available. For example, I often hear people asking about the interest rates of the next SSB issue. Computing the SSB interest rates is a difficult exercise to do by hand. It is especially so if there is an inverted yield, and an algorithm needs to be applied to produce step-up interest rates. Another common question is whether one should swap an old SSB with the new one. This website aims to eliminate all these difficulties and present you with easy to use data, so that you focus on what really matters - making the most out of SSB!

The website has since expanded to cover T-bills and SGS bonds. While the MAS website contains plenty of data, they are not easy to use and make sense of. I aim to provide relevant data in an easy-to-use format to make it easy for you to decide how to bid.

I hope you enjoy using this website. Please share it with your family and friends!