30-Year SGS Bond NA21200W (28 Sep 2022) Cut-Off Yield 3.28%

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28 Sep 2022

This issue offers investors a cut-off yield of 3.28% p.a., higher than that (1.95% p.a.) of the previous issue, NA21200W (28 Sep 2021).

The total value of applications in this auction was $3.9B, representing a bid-to-cover ratio of 2.05. This is lower than the $4.1B (bid-to-cover ratio 1.58) received in the previous issue.

Those who submitted non-competitive bids were fully allotted. On the other hand, those who submitted competitive bid at 3.28% get around 60.43% of the amount applied.

Auction Closed

Announcement Date
21 Sep 2022 Notify me
Auction Date
28 Sep 2022 Notify me
Issue Date
03 Oct 2022
Maturity Date
01 Oct 2051
Issue Code
NA21200W (Reopened)
Issue No
Coupon Rate
1.875% p.a.
Coupon Payment Dates
01 Oct and 01 Apr
Cut-Off Yield
3.28% p.a.
Cut-Off Price
Median Yield
3.24% p.a.
Median Price
Average Yield
3.18% p.a.
Average Price
Total Amount Offered
MAS's Intended Tender Amount
Accrued Interest Payable by Investor
2 Day(s)
Amount Allotted to Non-Competitive Applications
Amount Allotted to MAS
Total Amount Applied
% of Competitive Applications at Cut-off Allotted
% of Non-Competitive Applications Allotted
Bid-to-Cover Ratio

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